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Protocols of the Future Using AI

Discover the first-in-class AI software reinventing clinical trial protocol development. Protocol AI empowers experts to conduct faster, cheaper and safer trials, paving the way to medical innovation​.

Trial protocol of the future

Launch event of Protocol AI

on April 23rd, 2024

Risklick Technology

risklick AI

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Risklick's transformative technology empowers experts to harness the power of data for their trial protocol development. Protocol AI eases protocol development and ensures consistency, leading to significant time and cost savings. Orchestrate your clinical trial with an optimized protocol, accelerating innovation and the delivery of new treatments to patients.


Reduce protocol development time

Evidence-based decision making

Minimize likelihood of amendments

Creation of Evidence-Based Protocols in 3 Steps



Analyze all available historical trial data systematically



Define key variables and create benchmarks for your protocol



Develop your protocol efficiently using the customized generative Al

1. Explore

Protocol AI empowers experts to conduct a systematic analysis of global data including historical trial synopsis, protocols, linked publications and regulatory decisions. The 360° view of trial data accelerates decisions-making processes with historical evidence. Harness the power of historical data to develop your state-of-the-art trial protocol.

Protocol optimization

2. Select

Select the most appropriate parameters for your trial based on evidence. Protocol AI is a co-pilot for all experts involved in protocol development, enabling internal and external teams to collaborate on one platform and use evidence to back their strategic decisions.

Protocol optimization

3. Develop

Efficiently develop your protocol with our fine-tuned generative AI. Protocol AI seamlessly incorporates your pre-selected parameters, enabling the swift and automated writing of your tailored protocol.

Protocol optimization

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Advisory Board

risklick advisory items
Dr. Beat Widler

Beat was the Initiator and former leader of the Roche Pharma Clinical Quality Risk Management (C-QRM) project for clinical development and pharmacovigilance for 25 years. Beat led more than 150 clinical trial center audits worldwide.

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